Sunday, November 28, 2010

Attack of the cough that won't quit

Well, I WAS doing great with my training and loving every minute of it, until I had an asthma attack one night (not from a workout- just from my lovely friend mr.pollen). Attacks are such a pain, but hey that's life right? Anyways, after the attack I got really sick and had a cough that pretty much kept me in bed or in class wishing I was in bed. I tried to walk a mile or so every day after the first few days just to do SOMETHING until I could run again. Anyways, I'm feeling like maybe I can run again tomorrow, I hope. I should do 6 miles because that was the long run I missed but we will just have to see how that one goes. Haha. I'm excited to get back to it but I have to admit this has shaken me. It's taken away more than a week of training. What if I can't keep up with training now? I know I can do this. I just hope my goals that I have set for the race in February don't get sidetracked if I have more attacks or trouble with my training.

Well happy running! Hopefully I will have encouraging news soon!

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