Friday, December 17, 2010

Drumroll Please

And the wheezy shirt winner is........

Drew! So, just email me at with your size and address and if you want any color/ phrase changes and I'll get it in the mail for you!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I hope to have another giveaway soon!

Sorry I kinda bailed for the week. I had some really hard finals to study for. I took time off this week from my training plan (and blogging) to focus on my exams and recover from shin splints, so I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me on my long run this weekend. (8 miles!). I'm done for the semester now, so I should have a lot more time to write and run!

School is a big stress for me right now and has been bringing me down lately, so I started look up more race info to get me excited and out of my funk. Whenever I think about the race, it instantly lifts my mood! Here are some tips I've discovered so far for long-distance races and races in general:

  1. Sign up for a race you can get excited for - for me it's definitely Disney, so I'm right on track there. Not only does this motivate me to keep training because I'm signed up and can't bail now, but I'm also a huge Disney World fan. I can't wait to run this race because it means I'll get to be in the mouse's house once again! Choose a race that's good for your goals and concerns too. Another reason I picked this race was because I'm easily discouraged. Disney's races are known for their amazing support and distractions along the way. There are so many great races out there, just find one that makes you excited. 
  2. Test EVERYTHING well in advance- no new shoes, clothes, belts, food, or anything else on race day. It's important to know how your body will handle certain things before you go. I need to work on this one because I still haven't tried eating on a run. Oops!
  3. Run a shorter race during training- this will help you learn what race-day feels like and help you better gauge your progress. Another thing I need to work on, but I've got some plans for January that will hopefully fix this. 
  4. Stick to a plan - there are so many out there and they make sure you're on track for race day. As I mentioned before, I'm using galloway's training plan for beginners (made for the disney race but would work for any) and I really like it. It only has you running 3 times a week, 2 shorter runs and one long one that gradually increases in length. It also encourages the run/walk method which is supposed to help avoid injuries and give newbies the endurance to go farther. I think it's great for asthmatics because we perform better in short bursts of high intensity.
  5. Bring Encouragement - I have quickly learned that encouragement, especially from friends and loved ones, is a huge help in running. If you are competing in a local race, ask friends to come cheer you on. If not, ask for some long distance encouragement. I heard of several great ideas that supporters have used. One put inspirational voice memos like"you can do it babe!" on his girlfriend's marathon playlist so that they would play at random times during the race. So adorable!

What about you guys? Have you learned any good tips or tricks yet?

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  1. Wow !! Thank you. I can't believe I won the drawing. Thanks so much!

    I love the Wheezer shirt and I will wear it with pride. thanks sara!

    And, I just noticed you added my blog -- Off the Page -- to your blogroll. thanks. So nice of you.

    - drew