Monday, December 6, 2010

A Great Run

Last night I had an amazing run! I had honestly been dreading the run all day. Thursday I had an attack while running and sort of rolled my ankle - I could put weight on it but it was VERY tender. So last night I knew my schedule said it was the day for the big seven miles and I thought it was going to be awful. Here I was having trouble with my asthma, ankle in pain, knowing I would be walking 7 miles on the dreadmill. Yuck! But I promised myself I would try.

I got to the gym, which was really crowded, and I got the last treadmill. I started my warmup 5 minute walk and somehow dropped my iPhone and broke one of my headphones. So far the run keeps getting worse. With my one remaining headphone in, I was very discouraged. Then my iPod, on shuffle, decided to give me the inspiration I needed. A Disney song I didn't even know was on my iPod came on: When You Wish Upon a Star.

This really helped me remember why I was doing this: to FINISH the Disney princess half marathon. Not to win, not to be a star athlete, not to impress anyone, but to finish. To show myself it was possible. So far, I've run farther and harder than I have in my entire life and that's something to really be proud of. I finished my run thinking about running through the Cinderella Castle and ended up jogging a good portion of it. I'm so proud of myself for doing it.

Sometimes it can be hard to get going, hard to keep things in perspective. We all struggle with this. Just remember why you are doing what your doing and that each step is a huge accomplishment. I think one of the biggest things that has kept me going is knowing I'm signed up for this race. Not only do I feel like I have to finish it, I want to. It's my dream race. I love all things Disney and to be there with characters cheering me on would make the miles fly by. If you are feeling unmotivated try to find a goal that can keep you going on the bad days. Sign up for a race that inspires you, promise yourself a reward after so many miles, volunteer at a hospital and run for someone you met that can't. Just get out there and do it because you will never have an amazing run without taking your first steps.

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