Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jingle Bells

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Everyone is in such a great mood and all the hot apple cider and holiday movies bring me back to the times when I used to put out cookies for Santa with my siblings. It's only the first day of December and I can all ready feel the Christmas cheer!

This year feels even more special to me because I have a new passion- running. And you know what that means! I have a few things to ask Santa for this year! First, my mom, who spoils me to no end when she sees me, has all ready gotten me a few items I'm in love with:

  • A Garmin Forerunner 305- I absolutely love my forerunner. I've been running inside mostly, but when I go outside it's so nice to know my pace, time, and distance while I run. It's fun to "race" myself too. I've heard runners are supposed to name their Garmins. One blogger I read calls her's Claude. I decided to name mine Mikey after the character from The Goonies, my favorite movie wheezer!
  • Good Running Shoes- mine are Brooks and I adore them, but the best part about my shoes is that I found this amazing shoe store in Edmond, OK (where my parents live).  I learned so much at the store. The staff watches you run and examines your feet to tell you exactly the kind of shoes you need and they also gave me great tips based on my unique problems. They taught me ways to improve my running, stretches to try, even how to tape my foot for added arch support to correct my pronation, and more. I REALLY REALLY recommend using them if your live near me, but if not go somewhere that specializes in running shoes and will spend time working with you. I cannot stress enough the difference I felt while running after getting the right shoes. 
  • My insulated water bottle- I have a Polar Bottle. It's awesome because it has this lining that keeps water ice cold if you want, but for my asthma I love it because it keeps hot water hot. 
Now for some on my wish list:
    • iFitness double pouch belt- I've heard great things about these belts and I want one for race day to carry my inhaler, id, and camera to take pictures to share with you!
    • RoadId - I'm kind of a freak about carrying ID with me EVERYWHERE. It's really important because you never know when you may not be able to talk to tell someone your information. I love that these would be an easy way to have information visible and ready if needed and its easy to carry with you. 
    • The Stick- After begging Mr. Perfect to give me leg rubs after runs, I have decided I need to give the poor guy a break and try this out. 
    • A scrapbook- Ok, I know it's kind of cheesy, but running this half-marathon will be a huge accomplishment for me, so when I'm done I'd love to have a place to put my pictures and race bib. Hopefully after that I can keep adding more races to it!
    What's on your running wish list for Christmas? 


    1. Running wish list? To be able to run again by spring. :( I'm sidelined with lower back problems and SI joint dysfunction, all from pushing myself too hard and too fast when I started this journey. Sounds like I should start thinking of an appropriate name for Garmin for when I finally can start using it, since it arrived just before I was injured!

    2. Oh bummer :( I hope you have a speedy recovery! Luckily most of my issues are asthma, which means more frequent severe problems, but really fast rebounds. I'm glad you are naming yours! I think the idea is really cute! One idea my CS friends came up with was Q*bert(after the classic arcade game)- maybe you could use that? haha