Monday, December 13, 2010


That pretty much sums up my run today. I just cant get rid of my shin splints and this run was so painful I felt like I was breaking my leg with each step at the end. Not a good feeling :( I'm really considering custom orthotics. They're really expensive, but I have basically flat feet so I'm not really sure if much else will help. I all ready tape my arches every run. If you've ever tried them before, please let me know what you think of them!

Anyways, enough with the Debbie Downer routine! It's my last week before winter break, so I'm just studying for finals and trying to squeeze in my runs in between exams. My wonderful mom brought me a bunch of treats for finals week so I wouldn't have to worry about shopping for groceries or anything. I'm so spoiled! Speaking of my mom, she's training for the half marathon too and we're planning on running together. It's really fun bonding with her over our training so far, so I know the race will be a blast.

I've been looking for local races before the half marathon, but there aren't many around here until after February. Oklahoma has some really windy, really cold winters (right now its 19 degrees out! before wind chill!). I did find one though that sounds like a total blast! January 8th is the Elvis Run to celebrate the king's birthday! I predict some tacky costumes in my future... haha. I haven't decided if I want to do the 5k or the 10k. Because it will be so cold, I know the 5k will be better for my lungs, but I don't know yet. I guess we are going to have to see.

Asthma means staying inside a TON when you are training because of cold weather, pollen, humidity, you name it. So, I thought up a few tips to keep the dreaded treadmill runs more entertaining:
  1. Listen to music- this is a no-brainer, but becuase you don't have to worry about cars, maintaining your pace, getting lost, etc. it's much easier to turn up the music and zone out
  2. Watch TV - so far this hasn't appealed to me, but everyone at my gym seems to do this. 
  3. Listen to an audio book - I've done this and really liked it. I got so into the book I didn't want to get off because I wanted to hear more. If you are going to make this a habit, try only allowing yourself to listen to your book when you are on the treadmill for added motivation.
  4. People watch - can I just say people are hilarious at the gym? Just looking around can provide plenty of entertainment. Prime example: watch the guys lifting weights. Any time a cute girl walks by, the always seem to need a heavier weight :P
  5. Learn Something - Bring lecture recordings to listen to, or foreign language tapes. I brought flash cards before a test once to read during my walking intervals.
  6. Secret Races - I sometimes try to race the person on the treadmill next to me to see if I can go faster or longer. Don't try this if they aren't at your level, but it can be fun!
  7. Word Games - If I'm really bored sometimes I'll play word games in my head just to keep me distracted. Pick a word like "marathon" and see how many words you can come up with using the same letters. 
Hope you can use some of these ideas the next time your stuck inside like me! Stay warm out there!


  1. I agree that the gym is always entertaining. I love secret races :) I've won a few...just saying. I just got my husband to sign up for his first 1/2 in June with me. I'm excited.
    I hope your shin splints go away soon. Bummer.

  2. Thanks! I do too! haha That's awesome that your hubby will be running with you! My guy has had lots of knee problems (several surgeries and one day a knee replacement) so I'm not sure he will ever be cleared to run a race, but I hope he will always be there to cheer me on at local races!

  3. Audiobooks rock! My bf has been audiobook crazy, after I wont tell him how Harry Potter ends, I downloaded all the audiobooks for him. He listens at work, driving home and while he cooks!

    Good luck on your finals! I for one am glad I never have to do those again.

  4. Thanks amber! I'm looking forward to the day I don't have to either!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :0) Yay for Disney Freaks (I'm totally one too! lol)! How exciting that you started running b/c of the Disney Princess Half! You are going to have a BLAST with your mom at the race!!! Good luck with the rest of your training!! :0)