Thursday, December 30, 2010

Texas Trip

The river walk at night lit up with holiday decorations
I had a great time in Texas! We flew in on Monday and settled into the hotel room. My mom, dad, sister, and I went on the trip while my brother stayed at home (he had other plans). After unpacking we went to explore the river walk. It was my first time to San Antonio and I loved how pretty it was there!

Trying to reach the top of the world's tallest man
Tuesday we woke up and went to see the Alamo. It was a really cool experience and I'm glad we made some time for it. Next my sister, who I call Munchkin, and I went to a goofy guinness world records museum. We had a lot of laughs taking goofy pics and trying to beat some of the records.
Sitting in a love-o-meter! haha

Running at the hotel (gross pic but proof! haha)
That night, was supposed to be a run according to my training plan, and I am so proud to say that I actually did it! I went to the hotel gym, which was nicer than I expected. I finished my run while watching tv. I am really really proud that I did this run because I have always made excuses not to exercise, using lack of time as my main excuse. I've never gone for a run or even completed any type of workout while on vacation before this trip and it felt great! I noticed that running on vacation gave me extra energy and probably made the trip more fun!

Some things I learned about running on vacation:

  • DRINK WATER!!!!! - I am decent about this at home, but on vacation without easy access to water at all times(not to mention extra intake of yummy but dehydrating alcoholic drinks) I kept forgetting and had a bad headache after my run before I drank about a gallon of water. Next trip I plan on carrying a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE.
  • Have a plan - I almost missed running because I didn't know when the gym at our hotel closed, so make sure to check ahead.
  • The hotel Treadmill
  • Pack for indoors too - I planned on running outside, but it was pouring down rain and very slippery out so I had to move my workout indoors. Luckily the same gear applied for me. 

Me and munchkin

Wednesday was game day and Munchkin and I just went shopping and had dinner while my parents went to the game. Overall the trip was great and helped inspire me more to keep at my running. 

I have so much stuff coming up soon to talk about (including product reviews, my first 5k on january 8th!, and new years resolutions)  so stay tuned! And in the mean time, how do you stay active while your away? What tips have you learned that make it easier for you?

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