Friday, January 14, 2011


I haven't had a lot going on lately to blog about because it's the first week back of classes and that has taken most of my time this week, but I do have a cute idea to share with you.

I've always been a charm bracelet kind of girl, because I love jewelry with meaning. If you ask me about anything I wear it always has some special story or meaning behind it and that's the way I like it. My charm bracelet is a kind of memory bracelet for me because each charm has a story behind it and I love telling people what they all mean. Plus looking down at it just reminds me of all the great memories and lifts my mood.

my charm bracelet
When I began running I knew I'd definitely have to add a running charm and began keeping an eye out for the right one. I'm very picky and I couldn't seem to find one I wanted. Shoes seemed so boring and obvious! Finally I had an idea during my first 5k and after I found one that worked. I decided it would be really cute to add a charm for the races I run! For my first 5k, the Elvis Run, I chose a guitar and I think it works great! Now every time I look at my wrist I'll remember my first race and all the excitement and pride that came with it. Now to come up with my Disney Princess Half Marathon Charm..... maybe a castle??
My Elvis Run Charm

Do you do anything special to commemorate your races?


  1. CUTE!!! I have had ornaments made for every once of my Disney races! :0) Good luck with Princess!

  2. Thanks Karen! Ornaments are such a cute idea! Very creative!