Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2011! It feels like this year went by so fast! I have a huge long list of resolutions/goals for the new year. I'll share some of my running goals with you:

1) Complete at least 2 half marathons - I've never competed in any race, much less a half marathon so I'm really excited for this goal. I think it's one I can make because I'm signed up for one all ready and am working on signing up for another in May.

2) Complete at least 6 races - Another goal I think I can reach. I hope! I have started to really fall in love with "running" (really jogging but hey i'm trying) and I think this is because of the race goals I made in the beginning. While a faster pace isn't a goal that I think will work for me or excite me to run, new events and experiences definitely are. The only problem I see with this goal is the lack of races in my area. Most of the races (there aren't many!) are 5Ks. As slow as I am, I'd like to compete in longer races, just so that I don't end up always being the last to finish. My asthma can handle longer, but not really much faster. 

3)Run at least 365 miles - This one never would've seemed possible before now. I really think this would be a huge accomplishment for me. If I'm sticking to my training plans and running longer runs, I should go well over 365 by the end of the year, but with a very hot summer around the corner and graduation looming I think I'll try to make my goals more attainable. 

In addition to my goals for the year, I have a new goal that seems well...insane. I REALLY hope one day that I'll be able to do it though: I want to be a Half Fanatic. I know it's crazy for the asthmatic couch potato to dream of being a part of that elite group, but I think that would be an amazing goal to reach. I just feel like I've caught the running bug and I really want to wear that shirt. I don't think I'll finish this goal any time soon, but a girl can always dream right?

My final goal is to complete a marathon one day, but, since I've never even ran a 5k, I'm going to leave that one for next year. If everything goes well at the princess half, I'm thinking of signing up for the Disney World full for january of 2012. 

What are your goals for next year? Do you try to set more attainable goals, like me, to make sure you don't get discouraged? Or do you set the bar really high to try to push yourself farther?


  1. You've got to rid yourself of the "j" word... (jogging)You are running! You are a runner! Embrace it and rock!

    Happy New Year!

  2. good luck! Your goals sound really reasonable but very inspirational!

  3. Thanks Sarah! I'll try to limit my j-thinking. lol And thanks Amber! I hope so!

  4. You can SO do it! I promise! The Marathon isn't as bad as you think!! Good luck with your goals for 2011 :0)