Friday, January 21, 2011

Location Location Location

Ok first I'd like to admit I'm a huge blog creeper. I spend waaaaay too much time stalking looking at other runner's blogs for inspiration, good stories, ideas, and laughs. Like, I need another hobby.... But anyways, looking at all the other blogs I get a little green monster inside me of envy because of all the fun races they do and the exciting running adventures they have. Every day they are talking about some new trail they've explored or a new race they are entering. Which leads me to my major gripe of the day: Oklahoma was not made for runners.

I moved a lot growing up (6 moves and several schools) and have come to appreciate what each new state/area offered. Don't get me wrong, I love Oklahoma for many reasons. The people are so friendly, I met my incredible man here, I really learned a lot of lessons here about myself that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else, and don't forget my cowboys (go pokes!). But Oklahoma, specifically Stillwater, is so not runner-friendly.

I've googled beyond a reasonable amount and so far all I've really come up with for Stillwater is one running trail (Boomer Lake if you're interested) that is famous for the rapes that have occurred at the park, and 2 annual running events, a 5k and a 10k. So far, not so good. Then you add to that the weather extremes that Oklahoma is known for. In the winter Oklahoma is prone to icy storms and really cold temperatures. In the summer were known for extreme highs, with the majority of the summer well over 100 degrees. I lifeguarded most summers and heat exhaustion to the point of passing out or illness was a common occurrence at our pool. Oklahoma is one windy state, and it's one of the worst for allergies and asthma as well. All of this adds up to weather and conditions you don't want to workout in. Oklahoma always ranks in the top 10 states for obesity, and I'm beginning to understand why.

I know I need to quit griping and get running, but I can't help but dream about one day living somewhere where being healthy is much more encouraged. I am getting close to graduation and considering where I want to end up once I get to the point where I can easily make the change and drag Mr. Perfect with me. Some places were just made for running and I hope someday I can end up in one of them.

Do you ever experience the same types of running frustrations as I do in your area? Do you have a dream city for running or are you in it now? Do you think your location makes a difference?


  1. Sorry to hear that about OK! For the longest time, my town had the mindset of only fast runners should run races, men dominated all the events, etc. That mindset has since changed (and this is only over the past few years) which is great for me! lol Part of the reason for the change has been the huge influence of the running group I joined! Hope things start looking up for you! :0)

  2. I'm glad things are at least getting better in your area! Yay for slow runners being accepted!