Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first 5K!

I had my first 5k today and it was so fun! It was different than I expected, but I'm really glad I did it.  We (my mom and I) left the house around 7:30 and headed to Regatta Park for the Elvis Run 5K. There was also a 10K too, but I decided on the 5K. We got there and it was FREEZING! It was in the 20s with a serious wind chill on top of that. We picked up our timing chips, walked around for a little while and then headed to the start line.
My first race bib!
My race pic- sorry the proofs just came out!
The king started the race with "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, runners go go go!"and we were off. I had never been for a run in Regatta Park so I was looking forward to the course. Regatta Park is right along the river where the crew teams practice and it was gorgeous this morning. It was just an out and back course, and along the way went over bridges and through little tunnels and had a lot to look at so the race never felt boring.
A really lame pic of Regatta Park

I dragged brought my mom to this race because I'm kind of a chicken (ok sometimes a huge chicken) and I didn't want to run alone in my first race. She's a little bit slower than me (I mean teeny difference) and I could've sped up and had a better race time in the end, however, I decided to finish with her and I'm glad I did. We ended up finishing at 40:25 according to the website, and 40:00 according to my Garmin. 
The Course Map

This race was pretty small, and the small number of runners were split between the 5k and 10k too, so awards were really easy to get. Mom got 1st in her age group, and I got third! While I'd love to leave it at that, I have to admit that we both got our awards by default ( only 3 in my age group and 1 in hers). But an award is an award, right?! We both got t-shirts for our "award". 

I am so glad I did this race, not only because it was fun, but because it taught me a lot of things:
  1. Even though I have asthma and warm air inside on the treadmill is much less risky, I need to practice outside some too- running outside is a totally different thing.
  2. If I want to run with mom at my half marathon, I better practice her pacing. I'm used to running 3 walking 2 now but she does like 30/30 so I have to get used to shorter recovery time. 
  3. Speed-walking does not mean good photography - hence the lack of pictures from my race
  4. Running without music can be nice when you don't have to listen to  the noisy treadmill
  5. Runners are nice - we got a ton of encouragement along the way
  6. Kids can run! - we had a 7-year-old girl finish in 26 minutes. What the what??!!
  7. I need to be more independent - While running with mom was a total blast, and I'm not trying to set any world records, if I want to be the runner I'd love to be one day I need to be ok with running alone sometimes. I'm just used to doing EVERYTHING with my friends, family, or BF. However, since only mom runs, I can't expect her to come to every race I want to run in, or to keep up with me if I want to PR. 
  8. I want Mr. Perfect there next time- the bf was out of town this race and I missed him! It would've been great if he had been at the finish line with a hug. I thought if he was there I might be embarrassed by my time, but really I think I would've been fine. I'm over my time embarrassment- I'm doing what I can and that's good enough for me. 
Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to run my first race! I had a blast and can't wait for the next one!


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad it went well!

  2. Hooray!

    I totally agree with you about outdoor running. I find it much more difficult.

    Congratulations on a great first race!

  3. thanks guys! and drew I know what you mean. I feel like someone turns on the asthma switch when I go outside!

  4. #6 cracked me up. I was just sharing with another blogger that I accidentally turned in my daughter's age on my race registration and so I was put into the 6 year old age group. The funny things was that I placed 3rd in my age group so there were at least 2 six year olds out there that beat my time :D

  5. Nice job on your first race. I say an AG award is awesome, no matter how many are in the field (I took first once out of a field of 2 in my AG!!).
    I wish I would've had a race bib scrapbook when I started a year ago. Here's a link to my post about putting one together yourself. You might want to, since I know you'll be getting lots more race bibs!

  6. Congratulations on your first race! Are you hooked yet? :-)

  7. thanks guys! yes I'm totally hooked! Julie that's hilarious! How do they run so fast? Just Trying I love the bib scrapbook! I'm starting a running scrapbook and I'm guessing my disney race (coming up!) is going to need like 10 pages. haha Did you see what I started to remember my races by?

  8. Oh the little kids...I was just telling a friend today that an 8 year old AND an 80 year old pass me if just about every race I run. That definitely wasn't me at age 8, but I still have a chance at being that 80 year old!

    I demand that my husband come to every race I run! (Poor guy) Sometimes I let him off the hook if I have other friends there. Of course he won't care about your finish time, and it's so nice to have a fan!

  9. Thanks Lucy! ratherthecouch, I love your thinking. My BF can't come to every race because of his job, but I have definitely gotten demanding on my longer runs for some motivating texts! haha

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