Monday, January 3, 2011


This christmas I received some wonderful running gear, and I wanted to share two great products I've tried out so far:

The first one is my Road ID Bracelet. I chose the Wrist ID Sport in black. I absolutely love this idea because it makes being safe easy, especially for a wheezer. I thought it might be uncomfortable, but actually it's very comfy and I forget I'm even wearing it. It's a great way to get that important info to EMSA or anyone who may need it in a hurry.

My Road ID! 
The second product I'm in love with is my Zensah Compression Socks. I got them in pink. They are great after a long run. Sunday I ran 9.5 miles (the farthest I've ever run!) and put the socks on as soon as I got home. Before I put the socks on I thought I wouldn't even be walking today, but after wearing the socks I barely feel sore. They are great for recovery, but some runners wear them during runs too. I haven't tried that out yet, but may need to soon. The compression is in all the right places and makes your legs feel wonderful, plus the extra padding helps your tired feet feel extra TLC. I definitely think everyone should try these out!
My new fav socks- except mine are hot pink!


  1. You got some awesome stuff!! :0) I love both products! Yay for not being sore after your run!!

  2. I just ordered that same Road ID bracelet (mine's purple) without reading this post first. So happy to read you like it! I'm also asthmatic and allergic to penicillin. Twins!

  3. Thanks for the info, glad to find others like me. Do you have any other asthma running blogs/resources that you follow?