Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane (and a Review)

It's finally time for me to leave for Disney World and my first half marathon!!!!! AHHHHHH! So excited! Before I go, I wanted to do a quick review of BIC Bands. BIC Bands (or Because I Can Bands) are super cool workout headbands that come in many widths, colors, and designs. Recently, I entered a giveaway on Running Through Life, which, by the way, is an awesome blog! I never thought I'd win, but I did! So, I got to pick out the BIC Band of my choice. I chose the skinny minnie black sparkle. This is the smallest headband she makes, and I thought it might be cute for the race if it worked. Well I just got it and tried it for my last training run this morning.

First, let me say I'm a heavy sweater. Like I don't know where it all comes from, but I look like I've taken a shower after even a 30 minute run. I know, it's gross, but true. Second, I've tried about a billion headbands, and NONE of them have lasted even 2 minutes running without flying off. I've even tried the special Goody no-slip ones. So I went into this thinking, well this will be a cute headband for around town, but no way will I be wearing it to the gym. I tried it on this morning and heres what it looked like:
Definitely doesn't do it justice
The headband was uber cute and sparkly (you can't tell in the picture, but trust me). It felt nice and comfortable, not like the kind that would give you a headache five minutes in. Then came the ultimate test, a 30 minute run in my boiling hot gym. I'm very happy to say I was totally wrong about the headband. It didn't budge an inch and looked great even when the rest of me didn't! I would totally recommend trying them. I've heard good things about all of the sizes, and they are only $7 which is cheap for running headbands :)

Well I'll miss you all in Florida. I Probably won't be posting while I'm gone, but might throw in a quick update. Good Luck to everyone running the Princess Half !! Come find me I'd love to meet other bloggers out there. Email me at if you wanna meet up!

UPDATE: I used the headband for my half marathon followed by a full day at the parks and it never budged. WONDERFUL!!


  1. So jealous! I don't leave until tomorrow night!

    See ya soon!

  2. Good luck! Don't change anything up before your race.
    Have so much fun!

  3. oh cool. good luck with you first 1/2

  4. Hope you have a GREAT race!!!! Good luck! :0) I like that blog, too! ;0)

  5. Congrats on winning again! And thanks for the great review of BIC Bands!

  6. No problem Sandy! It's perfect!