Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cocoa Beach

Thanks again to everyone who participated in my 5k. I loved reading about your experiences and hope to host another one soon! I've had a ton of work to do with school and I just got some wonderful news a couple of days ago (if everything works out I'll be sharing soon!) so I'll keep this post pretty short. 

As I mentioned before, we went to cocoa beach for spring break and it was a blast. I tried to stay active on the trip. I got a few runs in and tons of walking, so I felt pretty good about that goal. What was really cool, was seeing my family get excited to go exercise. 

My family is very close, and all though we sometimes drive each other insane, we try really hard to do a lot of fun things together while were on vacation. One of the best parts about the trip, for me, was seeing my family interact with my boyfriend. Mr. Perfect's been with me for a long time, so he's practically part of the family. (We've been dating since my sister was 12!). He's been on a few family vacations now, but he never ceases to entertain my family. I'm kind of shy, and he's one hundred percent my opposite, and keeps everyone smiling. 
At dinner

See what I mean?
One of our family traditions, when we stay in a house rather than a hotel, is that each couple makes dinner one night of the trip. Mr. Perfect and I love to cook, so our only problems were deciding what to make. We ended up having some amazing grilled fish (that my sister caught!), crab fritters with homemade sauce (like a cross between conch fritters and crab cakes), some pasta on the side, and for dessert my famous chocolate covered strawberries. 
Don't touch the strawberries
Making Crab Fritters

We also spent a day at Disney, while Mr.Perfect and my dad stayed home to nurse their injuries (dad hurt his knee, Mr.P pulled a muscle). It was a blast, as usual, but we missed the boys. After that the week started winding down and my brother decided we needed to have a sandcastle competition. We all started out really excited, but ended up ditching most of our efforts to go play in the water. However, I'd have to say my sand sculpture was pretty awesome, don't you think?
My inhaler sand sculpture
Finally, it was time to come home, but the airlines had other ideas. Our plane was delayed FOUR days, so we stayed in a little airport hotel and enjoyed more time by the pool together. Despite the fact that we needed to get home, we had fun hanging out in the sun a little more and made the best of it. Mr. Perfect even played the piano some for us.

What a keeper
This vacation really reinforced how much my life has changed in just a few short months. Last semester my asthma was terrible and I was in a major slump emotionally from it. If we had gone on vacation the, it would've been very different and much less fun. Now, I feel good physically and emotionally. Everything is more fun when you can breathe :) 

How do you stay active on vacation? 

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time on vacation! I am so beyond jealous you got to go there!