Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lucy, I'm Home

I finally made it back home after a few days of delays and of course I've got about 30 hours of work to make up for my classes all ready. No beuno! I've got so much fun stuff to share with you guys from my trip. It was an absolute blast and I wish you all could have come with me! So here's what's on the schedule now that I'm back:

  1. Today I'll recap my Virtual 5k experience
  2. Next I'll recap everyone's experience with the race, post results, and link to all your posts
  3. Finally I'll recap my trip
Before I forget, If you want me to send you a medal for finishing the race email your address to roswell@okstate.edu. Not sure when they'll get there, but I promise they will! Okay onto my recap!

The First Ever Wheezy Virtual 5k! Race Report 
As most of you know, I was on vacation for my virtual 5k, and I was trying to get my entire family to run the race with me. Other than mom, no one else in my family is a runner, but I thought they could all walk it easily. Well I come from a family of 5 and we had 3 others staying with us, and when you have a group that big, an event like a 5k on vacation is no easy task. Dad seriously hurt his knee just before the trip and couldn't walk far. Then Mr.Perfect, the BF, got into a long-boarding accident a few days  before and pulled a muscle. The day of the race Munchkin was sick and others weren't feeling so hot either. Needless to say the family 5k turned into the Ros and Mom 5k. But we decided to have fun with it anyways since I had all ready made the medals and race bibs. Here's our family 5k photo shoot:
The group with their race bibs

We finally convinced Munch to join in 
My crazy family"running the race". PLEASE click on the pic to get a closer look at my crazy dad's face. PRICELESS
In honor of the race, I decided to take an inhaler shot for you before heading to the park to run.

Wheezy baby!
Next we drove to Lori Wilson Park. This park has a teeny trail, but I researched online and heard it was not to be missed. Turns out, I heard right. The trail was covered by trees and completely shaded so we didn't get burned. The whole trail was a boardwalk on top of the foliage and it had little dips and hills, a few low-hangining branches to duck around, and plenty of turns that kept the run feeling fun and fast. I seriously wish I could run there every day.
The trail I ran on

Mom during our warm up

Action Shot

Almost there!

The only problem with the trail was that it was really hard to measure exact distance because Mikey, my garmin, didn't like how covered the trail was and had trouble getting a signal. The website said it was a half mile trail, but if that's the case Mom and I ran like 4 minutes faster per mile than usual. So we stuck with the longest time between our two Garmin's because they tend to underestimate on curves. We would much rather run longer than not actually finish the race. Our time ended up being 37:00.

I loved this race, and I loved hosting a virtual 5k. I'm thinking I'll be hosting another one soon so keep an eye open! Don't forget to email me your address if you want that medal!

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