Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Princess Half Marathon 2011 Report - Part 2

Next up on the report is Saturday, the day before the race. The first thing on the agenda was a meetup with a fellow blogger, Tiina from One Crazy Penguin. We were planning on meeting at the expo, but we weren't too smart in our planning and could never find each other. :( But, it's ok because we ended up finding each other Sunday! Anyways, Mom and I hung out at the expo for a little bit looking for Tiina, but when it became obvious we missed her, we went to lunch at the Magic Kingdom.
Mom getting sprinkled with pixie dust
I know what you're thinking. They went to the parks before the race?! Yea.....and after..... But it was all in the Disney spirit! Before we got to MK we had a serious planning session on the monorail over. We would only go to one "land" of the park (Tomorrowland, our favorite) and only ride a couple rides and head home quickly so we didn't tire ourselves out. When we got there we went straight for a quick lunch at Cosmic Ray's and we're surprised to see we weren't the only insane ones there. Lots of princess half shirts and bags we're all over the Magic Kingdom. After lunch is when it all went wrong. There's something about Disney that makes taking it easy so hard! We planned on one land but one land quickly led to two, which quickly led to them all. It really was nice seeing the park. After practically living there for 7 years, it still really feels like home.

I saw an old friend at Phillarmagic
See! I even have his name on my shirt!
Next up we went home for a rockin' pre race dinner at the hotel. By the way, Olivia's Restaurant is awesome! I was wearing my birthday pin (Disney hands them out when you get your tickets) and goofy "called" the restaurant to sing happy birthday to me. Again, we veered off plan. Both of us were so nervous for the race, we decided to have a drink with dinner, rather than do the smart thing and hydrate with water or Gatorade. Poor. Life. Choice.

Finally we headed back to the room and laid out our clothes and tried to sleep. This did not work. We were way too excited and nervous! I'm guessing I only got about 2 hours of sleep. So to recap: we spent the whole day walking on our feet, didn't hydrate properly, drank alcohol, and then didn't sleep. It's a miracle we survived! But in the morning the alarm went off (actually goofy called to wake us up) and we quickly donned our tutus and race gear and headed towards the race.
My gear all laid out

Dressed and ready to run
Stay tuned for part three! And if you missed part one, be sure to check it out!


  1. Best outfit ever. You were so easy to spot!

    Also, I'm pretty sure everyone I have talked to stayed on their feet and were in the sun the day before the half...and had alcohol with dinner.

    What were we thinking!?!

  2. haha i know! but hey it was fun right??? lol

  3. I love your outfit! It is to to cute!!! Where did you get the skirt?

  4. Hahah too funny about the dinner thing! Glad you had a good day! Love the skirt!

  5. thanks Kayla! I bought it online at Party city. It was like $14! Thanks Karen!