Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! My mom sent up an easter basket for me and as usual, my family outdid themselves! My easter basket was full of some wonderful goodies!

Yay for easter!
You know you're a runner when you're more excited to see socks and shot blocks in your basket than chocolate bunnies. (okay maybe equally excited...)

In addition to typical chocolatey goodness, mom sent up some shot blocks for our upcoming halves (that's right I'm doing one in exactly a week and another a few weeks after that!). She also got me some much-needed socks and a new fast drying tank. My favorite thing though, was this cute bracelet/necklace/anklet. It's on a long cord, so you can wrap it any way you like. 

In the packaging
The card says "I love me because.... I breathe in all of life" and the bracelet says "Breathe". The weather is gloomy out so it's hard to get a good pic, but trust me it is cute!

I was really struggling to get motivated the couple of few weeks. I don't know if it's the gloomy weather or the allergy season blues, but running just hasn't sounded fun. On top of that, I was pumped for the princess half because I knew each mile would be full of exciting things and memories to last a life time. I wanted the medal, but I also wanted to run down main street, to run through the castle, and to run past spaceship earth. This upcoming race will be very memorable for different reasons. The OKC memorial half is known for touching people emotionally. We will run past the memorial, see family members of those who were lost at aid stations cheering us on, and pass the names of those that passed in the tragedy on signs along the route. I want to do this race because I believe it is for an important cause for my state. However, as someone who easily gets caught up in the emotions of others ( and completely balled at the end of her first half for no apparent reason) I have the feeling this race will be very emotionally draining. For that reason, it has been hard for me to get moving.  

Recently I found a great trick that has really made me want to run more. I love to read, so I found a really addicting book, bought the audio book, and only allow myself to listen while I'm running. So, if I want to find out happens next, I've got to hit the treadmill. This trick has seriously made it hard to quit! Hope this trick works for you!

Do you have any tricks that keep you running when you don't feel like it?


  1. Great idea with the audio book!!
    Love the Easter basket and that bracelet is super cute! :0)

  2. Love that bracelet! I want one!

  3. Me too! That bracelet is awesome.
    My library has Playaways which are MP3 audiobooks, but it is on its own little player. I love to use them for my treadmill runs. You should check them out.

    Wheeze on my friend.