Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wheezy, but still running

The last few days I have been really struggling with my asthma. It's that time of year when pollen counts are crazy high and the winds are averaging at about 15mph. NO BEUNO. I've been cooped up in bed coughing and avoiding nature at all costs, but I still tried to keep up with my running. It's definitely not fun, but I don't want to let myself call it quits. Allergy season comes every year, and I can't take a quarter of the year off just because it's not easy.

Enough with the sick talk. Here's a few things that have been going on lately while I've been cooped up (mostly unrelated to the running world):

  • Things have been wonderful with my new puppy. Mr. Perfect is great with Champ, and is a super hero for doing all the work the last two days while I've been sick. Champ is in training to run with me one day (ie we're trying to teach him how to walk without stopping every 5 seconds to smell) but until then he makes a great cuddle buddy and always keeps me smiling. One of his favorite treats is ice cubes. We put them in his bowl and he bobs for them. It's pretty entertaining to watch. I'll have to record it soon. 

  • One of my favorite bloggers is hosting an amazing giveaway and it's for a great cause! Go visit one crazy penguin, aka Tiina, at her blog and enter her giveaway because she rocks. 

  • I've been eating way too much of this and need to get back on the diet wagon. But eating junk is sooooo much more fun....
  • I went to a charity car wash with some of my sorority sisters last week. Basically, the more people you could get in one car, the more points you got (and thus the more money that went to charity). We fit 8 girls in my little mustang and 16 in an SUV! intense!

  • RunDisney is announcing a new race on tuesday and I'm excited! They spoiled me at princess so I'm ready for more Disney races. 

  • My dad got a new camera, so he gave me his amazing Nikon DSLR! I love to take pictures even though I'm terrible. My apartment is so not picture worthy and lately that's the only place I've been other than my gym or class and the occasional sorority event so I don't have any new exciting pics to show you. I'm working on it though I promise. 
PS: A new post on healthcentral is coming soon, but technical issues are getting in the way right now. It will be about asthma triggers and how to avoid them.


  1. OOOH Nikon!! Which one did you get? I have the D40X and the D90! Love both of them! :0) I agree...junk food IS more fun, and your friends look like they had a blast!!!

  2. I love SLR cameras. I have a cannon Rebel X, but I have a nikon small camera and love them both! Sorry about the pollen. I understand and that is so frustrating sometimes!

  3. Asthma triggers -- and excellent topic, and one which you unintentionally addressed in this post; Animals, cold weather, and overeating are my triggers. Looking forward to your next Astham Central article.

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  5. Sad to hear that you're not doing well :( I hope you feel better soon!

    Holy crap. 16 people in one SUV!?!?

    You're pup is pretty much the cutest thing ever. That picture melted my heart :)

    Thanks for the shout out!

  6. Thanks everyone! My camera is the Nikon Coolpix P90, Karen and I wish I could do it justice with my photography skills! haha