Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aquarium Run Half Marathon Race Recap

Well, I did it! I finished my third half marathon (in less than 90 days too)! Today was the Aquarium Run Half Marathon in Tulsa at the Oklahoma Aquarium. We drove to Tulsa last night and picked up our packets at a local running store, then headed straight to dinner. I've been really sticking to my diet (down 4.8lbs so far!) but, after talking to my weight watchers leader, decided that that night I need to splurge in order to get enough calories and carbs to fuel me for the race. Mom and I have a tradition of having a pina colada before each half. It's probably a really dumb idea, but it somehow makes the idea of running 13.1 miles less intimidating. :P

Yay Carbs and Coladas!
Then we got set up in our hotel room. My boyfriend works at the front desk at a hotel, so he got us a great rate in Tulsa and the room was really comfy. So glad I didn't have to drive 2 hours in the morning!

Our Room
Next, we had to inspect our swag. We got a free tee that said Aquarium Run, this race has teeth and race bibs as well as coupons from some of the sponsors.

The free race shirt

My Bib
I laid out all my gear and got ready for bed.

Ready to go
We arrived at the Aquarium and started to get a little nervous. We knew this race would be small, but it didn't really sink in until we saw just how few people were there. They all looked so fast! We so didn't want to finish last. 

Fleet Feet, the company putting on the race, had amazing staff there that took care of us and made sure our tags were on right. They had bagels and bananas set out for the runners to fuel. I stuck to my water, but appreciated the effort. Soon it was time to line up for the race.

The finish line being set up in front of the aquarium entrance
Passing the start line
(we're actually in this picture, but very hard to see)
Then we were off! The race had lots of hills and a good amount of wind and sun, but we did okay considering everything. The miles sort of blended together and once again I was impressed with how nice runners were. Everyone cheered us on the entire way no matter how far behind them we were. There were a few water stops and powerade stops along the way to help keep us going. Towards the very end, around mile 11.5 we met a fellow Galloway Method runner and started chatting with him about how much the Galloway Method has changed our lives and opened up new doors for us. He was running his first half marathon and was so proud that he could do it. It was nice to spend the last stretch reflecting on how far we've come. We crossed the finish line and received our shark medals! After the race, the runners got a cookout and free admission to the aquarium. We got some snacks and then enjoyed a couple of hours watching the fish. 

Our medal
The Stingrays

One of my favorites to watch: the jellyfish!
So, what did I think of the race?

The Good:
  • The Runners and Staff - everyone was really friendly and supportive
  • The Theme - I'm all about the shark stuff. Who doesn't want a shark medal/shirt?
  • The course - It was a really scenic course with lots of shade and nature views
The Bad:
  • The course - OMG the hills were ridonkulous. 
  • The water stops - There just weren't enough, especially once the sun came out
  • The bling - The medals are only about an inch by an inch and the 5k and 1 mile fun runners got the same exact medal. Trivial really, but somehow when you're that tired it feels like a bigger deal.
 Overall I really loved the race. It wasn't the easiest, but it was a great way to end the distance race season! And, I now qualify for Half Fanatics! Woo Hoo!


  1. Congratulations! On the race, and your continually improving health. Bravo!

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