Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've discussed before how much added weight affects running, asthma, and your life and that I wanted to make healthier choices and lose some extra pounds. Well, I tried to lose some weight, but a massive amount of work for school (we're talking all-nighters every week) and a bucket full of excuses led to that not happening. But now it's summer. I'll have much less work to do, more time to make healthy choices, and hopefully more money to invest in healthy food. So, this is me saying to you that I am going to lose a good chunk of weight this summer and I am going to stick to a healthier lifestyle.

I enrolled into WeightWatchers again yesterday and went to a meeting to learn about the new program. I haven't done WeightWatchers in a few years, but I really believe it works if you stick with it. I lost about 30 pounds last time, and kept it off for a while then got lazy with college and stopped following the program and keeping up with maintenance. I'm hoping this time, the weight loss will be for good. My goal is too lose (gulp!) 40 pounds. It sounds drastic, at least it did to me, but that puts me right in the healthy range based on my height and I feel comfortable changing it later if I realize that it's too much or too little. I just want to be healthy, and I promise "too skinny" will never be my problem.

The biggest thing I need to change is my diet. It's really obvious that eating boxes of mac n cheese and Reeses cups are my main contributor to my weight problem. However, I am planning to rev up the workouts as well. I'm planning to stick with the running 3 times a week, and also add in daily walks, weight training 2 times a week, and maybe some swimming if I end up working at the pool again.

I really want to lose the weight for so many reasons. First, because it will improve my asthma greatly. Second, because it will improve my running. Obviously it will improve my self-confidence and I'd love to help that happen. And also because my life is absolutely insane right now. I feel like so many things are out of my control between graduation looming and possible career paths. Weight loss, and being healthy, is one thing I can control which I think will help me deal with the stress a lot better.

I don't want this blog to become too much about weight loss, but I will be posting about how it's going to keep myself accountable and maybe help stay/get motivated in making their own healthy choices.

What about you? Are you making any big changes?


  1. I originally lost a huge chunk of weight and kept it off for several years. Food is evil and add in some stress and I am doomed. I am also trying to refocus and regain my health and lose at least 30 pounds. We can do it!!!!

  2. You can do it Ros!! I am rooting for you! I have a friend that is doing weight watchers now for 11 weeks and has lost 18 pounds. She is really sticking with it too, but does not work out at all!

  3. I applaud your decision to be the healthiest you can be. And WW seems to be a healthy, sane route. I'm pulling for you!

  4. WOOT! You can do it! I'm up to 16 lbs. lost on the WW. It'll come off slowly, but it'll be easier to keep it off. Word of warning, when you're in peak training, it's almost impossible to lose weight (you need the fuell!) so don't get discouraged like I did. Also, learn to love this blog... www.skinnytaste.com. Has saved moe many times!

  5. Thanks Everyone!
    Stacie:good luck! I know what you mean about the stress. These pounds are definitely stress pounds, but I know we can do it!
    Kayla: Thanks for the words of encouragement!
    Drew: Thank you! I like WW because it encourages healthy eating, but allows you to eat whatever you want in small portions. So, if I'm out with friends I don't have to freak out if raw carrots aren't on the menu. haha
    Sarah: I'm all ready pumped about skinnytaste so thank you for showing me that! Congrats on your own weight loss. I'm nervous for the training thing, but hopefully it will all work out!