Monday, May 23, 2011

Virtual 5k! Take Two

I didn't realize this but, May is Asthma Awareness Month (and I call myself a wheezer...). I think I really need to do something big to finish the out the month with a bang, so I've decided to host another virtual 5k! So, without further ado...

You are cordially invited to attend the first annual Wheezy Asthma Awareness Virtual 5k!

Where: Anywhere you want, it's a virtual race!
When: The weekend of May 27th-29th
What: A virtual 5k race
Why: To raise awareness for asthma and to keep in shape in a fun way
The Details:

  • To enter the race leave a comment with you're name
  • Every participant will get a personalized bib to print out for the race
  • PRIZE. A winner will be randomly chosen from those who enter the race on Sunday and they will receive an iTunes giftcard! For extra chances to enter the giveaway you can:
    1. Blog, Tweet, or Facebook about asthma to help raise awareness
    2. Post a picture of you in your bib on race day
    3. Donate to the American Lung Association
    4. Tell me something extra you did to raise awareness this month
  • Leave a comment for each additional entry
  • After you finish your race, post a link to your report and I'll include it in the follow-up post!
And in the spirit of Asthma Awareness Month, I'll leave you with a few tips to help out the wheezers and breathers in your life:
  • Quit Smoking - The number one thing you can do to help out asthmatics is not to smoke. Studies now show even third-hand smoke (ie if you smoke in another room then interact with them without changing your clothes) can cause serious breathing problems
  • Encourage Wheezers - Asthma can make being active incredibly frustrating, so a little encouragement goes a long way. 
  • Be Aware - There are 25 millions asthma sufferers and, although I like to make jokes to lighten the mood, asthma can be a serious condition. It is a real disease, and patients can have light occasional symptoms that are well-controlled with proper medication, to serious life-changing symptoms that keep them bedridden for months. Please don't assume everyone with asthma has the same abilities. My pet peeve is when people say "oh well there are olympians with asthma, so he's is just being lazy/out of shape". 
Thanks everyone!
PS: If you missed my race recap yesterday, be sure to check it out!


  1. I am not sure if I told you or not, but I got the cutest medal in the mail the other day that I LOVE!!! It was so neat to get that in the mail from your last virtual 5K, so I will definitely be doing this one.

  2. I will post a picture on the day I run with my bib on too.

  3. I would love to do this. I am a mild asthmatic. In the beginning it made running somewhat rough. I'm doing much better. Thanks for doing this.

  4. OK. My name is James Storlie. I am from California. Please add me to your race list. And I too will definitely post up a picture with my race bib on Sunday. Do I post it here in a comment, or is it OK to post up on FB? Or both?

  5. Thanks Kayla! So glad you like your medal! And Thanks for running James! I'm always excited to meet fellow wheezers! And you can post your pic either place, just leave a comment with a link here

  6. I'm in! I love the nudge you provide. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Drew! So glad you're in!

  8. I am in! My sister Drew has pretty severe asthma and that reminds me I have no excuses NOT to run.

  9. thanks Cindi! Glad you decided to do it, and to support your sister!

  10. So I did the 5K this morning. Perfect day, great cause. Thanks for inspiring me to run my first virtual 5K!

  11. I ran mine this morning and just blogged about it! Thanks for doing this. You are making me want to hose a Virtual 5K soon!