Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sun Poisoning Blues

Sorry I disappeared for a few days there. I got sun poisoning and was really sick for a few days. (Who knew that the sun could make you that miserable??). Anyways, I didn't think you all wanted to hear about my adventures with that, so I decided to spare you the gory details and wait until I had more fun stuff to share.  Here's whats been going on:
  • I started my 40 day plan. It felt great to exercise everyday, but I vastly underestimated how hard it would be to get in runs on the days I worked doubles or long hours at work. There is no way I could run after spending 10 hours in the sun and dieting. So, now that I'm starting up my plan again, I'm going to focus on getting in any form of exercise everyday and not just leave swimming for injuries. I just think it would be healthier, working out in the sun like that.
  • I ran a virtual 5k! I ran the Virtual Race for Autism 5k from AliciaRuns. It was a really cute race. She made bibs that you could personalize and asked everyone to donate $5 to her Train4Autism fund. She's got an amazing set of giveaways and there are quite a few I'd be very happy to win :) I finished in 36 minutes and I'm pretty happy with it, considering it was my first run after the sun ruined me. 
Me in my race bib - I really can't figure out how not to make an awkward face in these

My cute, personalized bib

My shoes in action
  • I tried out my new Vibram Bikilas. Okay this ones only halfway. I've been wearing them to walk in, but haven't taken them for a run yet (not running will make that kinda difficult).So far I'm absolutely in love with them. I'm wearing them basically 24/7 and it feels like barefoot walking, but better. I all ready notice an improvement in the way I walk and run (even without the shoes on!) so I'm hooked. My running shoes feel so bulky and uncomfortable now after wearing my "toe shoes" all day. I think the best part of the shoes though, has to be the reaction I get from all the kids at my pool. Here's the kind of stuff I hear all day long:
    • "What's wrong with your feet/shoes?"
    • "Mommy can I get some?!"
    • "WOAH!"
    • "How do you put those on?!"
    • "Do they make those in kid sizes?"
    • "WEIRD!"
  • I signed up for another Disney race! I've talked with my family a lot and decided I'll be doing the Walt Disney World 2012 Half Marathon. I can't even begin to describe how amazing my first runDisney experience was at the Princess Half Marathon in February (2011). If you're considering running your first half marathon (or marathon or even 5k), DEFINITELY choose a Disney one. And better yet, make it the 2012 WDW one so we can all meet up! I'd love to meet up with bloggers and readers out there, and even commiserate about training online. I know it seems like an unreachable goal (if it's your first time), but you really can do it; and at Disney, you won't only do it, you'll have a little magic on the way! Why is it so great for beginners?
    • Distractions along the way to keep you from getting bored/giving up - hello Captain Jack Sparrow!
    • Newbie Friendly- no one cares if you're slow. I swear. 
    • Awesome Bling- if you are going that far for the first time, you REALLY want some nice bling to show off all day and Disney medals rock
    • Support - The support is off the wall at the race. Soooo many people and cast members cheering you on. 
    • Disney Magic - who doesn't love being a kid again? Not only are you running through Tomorrowland and down Main Street and through Cinderella Castle, but later or earlier that weekend you can play all day. We went with our medals to Epcot and got all kinds of special attention and magic thrown our way. 


  1. I have never heard of sun poisoning. That really stinks. I hope you are feeling better. Do you notice a difference running in the barefoot shoes. I am thinking about getting a pair to maybe start training in, but I am not sure how I will feel about them. I wish I could try them out before I pay all the money for them.

  2. thanks kayla! I haven't actually run in them yet, just walked a ton. I plan on running in them soon and I promise to do a full review. I'm a terrible heel-striker and as a result have a lot of knee pain with anything over 3-4 miles. So far I've noticed my form improving (even when I switched back to my regular running shoes for the run) and less heel-striking. If you buy some definitely make sure they fit well (go try them on at a store) because if they don't they could be pretty painful (toes that don't fit etc). So far I'm in love though!

  3. Sorry to hear about the sun poisoning! :( I've had it once and it's NOT fun. I'll be down in Disney for marathon weekend and would love to meet up! I'll be doing my first Goofy Challenge so kinda freaking out about it! And I seriously need to go get Vibrams. All of these awesome reviews are making me wonder... :)