Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I never do those TTT posts, so I thought I'd give it a try today.

1. My Vibrams and I are having a love affair. I first thought they we're dumb. Then I thought maybe they were worth a try. Then I thought I'd wear them for short training runs. Then I thought maybe 5ks. Now I'm seriously considering them for my next half marathon. These babies are wonderful. Shin splints and knee pain that I thought was just a part of running are now totally gone and my calves are getting much more toned. It was meant to be. I'm thinking maybe a fall wedding?
Love at First Sight
2. Swim lessons totally count as a workout in my book. I normally teach private lessons, but this year I've been teaching group lessons at the pool I work at every day. I teach mostly pre-k kids in the group classes and they are more like play time to get comfortable with the water than the actual lessons I'm used to. Lessons generally involve the kids trying to run away while I chase them, be carried up the flight of stairs to our slide repeatedly, playing "bouncy" which is code for doing squats with a fifty pound child, and lots of swimming for me.  I love the kids in my class, but between that and a full day of sun and 100+ temps I'm pretty wiped out, hence my lack of runs lately. Here's one of my cuties after class, showing me he's "a lifeguard too!". 

Cutest lifeguard ever

3. My FIVE YEAR anniversary is coming up with my bf! He's such an amazing guy and I'm one lucky girl to have him in my life. I have no clue what what we are doing yet. All I know is I'm probably wearing these:

Thanks again Vibrams for making my fav heels look even better!
Question of the Day: What non-running/obvious activity do you consider a good workout?


  1. I am really considering a pair of vibrams to run in whenever my running shoes wear out. I have heard so many good things about them!

  2. You should! I was a total skeptic, but I'm in love now!