Monday, July 11, 2011

A Busy Week? No, make that life

I've been busy as usual lately, so I thought I'd catch you up on some of the things I've been doing lately. 

Saturday was my bf's mom's birthday (did you follow that?). So, to celebrate his family took her to dinner last night at a Japanese steakhouse and I got to tag along. I love his family, but the best part of their family get-togethers is seeing his niece and nephew. They are the sweetest kids ever, and "Uncle Cam" (my bf) is rockstar with kids so it's even more fun to watch them play together. Here's the boys showing off their "giant fists". 

Dinner was great and afterwards, Cam gave the kids rocket-ship rides around the parking lot. I hope they are never too old for this because it makes my day to hear them giggle and beg for another trip around!

My superhero

After goofing off with the kids for a while, we went home and had a little bit of time to relax together. Then, this morning I woke up, and drove to Stillwater on a mission: to get my apartment for next semester. I had a lot of drama looking, but finally found a great place. I'm so happy to have that taken care of now! I tried taking pics but the humidity was killing my camera phone, so this is the only decent one I got. 
My new kitchen
So now all I have to do is: move out of my old furnished apartment, buy furniture, move into my new apt, get ready for school, help my parents move out of their house (long story- but they're moving too), downsize all my stuff because I won't have an extra closet and bedroom for my old junk at my parents' anymore, finish out my summer job, and squeeze in my half marathon training plan that is supposed to start this week.

Oh, and all before the end of the month. I can do that right????

Tonight, I'm hoping to get in a run to ease some of my stress! I promise I remember this is supposed to be a blog about running and being active :/

QOTD: What do you to help you relax when you're stressed?


  1. I usually run, read or swim to relax whenever I am stressed! Wow, you are doing a lot of moving and switching around! Good luck moving. I had to move around 6 times whenever I was in college and finishing up college. What half marathon are you training for?

  2. All things I like to do too Kayla! It is a lot of moving, but luckily I've had a lot of training- I moved 6 times before college and went to over a dozen schools. No fun! haha And right now I'm training for the Route 66 Half Marathon. I have limited options in Oklahoma, but it looks like a fun one.