Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Frivolity

The fourth was an exciting day for me. Not only is it a national holiday, it's also my anniversary with my guy. In fact this one was our five year anniversary! We don't get to have much quality date time together because of our busy schedules, so date night means a lot to us when we do get to have it. We agreed to make this year date and dinner only (no presents!) to help save money and so that we could really make our day special. Cameron was in charge of planning the date and I "planned" dinner. Cam surprised me with tickets to Frontier City, our local theme park. We love fun active dates, plus this was where we went on our first date, so it was a perfect place for our anniversary! Cam came to pick me up and we posed for a quick pic before he reminded me that we wanted to go on water rides and a dress probably wasn't the brightest idea. Yea, but I never get to dress up! 

Pre-Smart Theme Park Clothing
I changed into shorts and a tank and we left for the park. We had a blast riding roller-coasters, remembering our first dates there, and just having fun together. Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grime, that I forget just how much fun being with Cameron is. He's wonderful for so many reasons, but probably my favorite thing about him is that he always keeps me laughing. I can be very uptight, and I love that around him I'm much more relaxed and act like a kid again. We finished up at Frontier City at the ferris wheel. 
After Frontier City we went home to change for dinner (and I got to wear my favorite red heels!). Dinner was at one of our favorite restaurants Charleston's. We shared a bottle of pinot grigio and ate great food. It was a perfect date. Then we came home to watch fireworks together and have dessert. Cameron LOVES carrot cake, so I made some carrot cake cake pops earlier that day to have while we watched the fireworks. I've never had cake pops before, but they are delicious. Here's a recipe if you're interested. I made mine with white candy melts and sprinkled walnuts on top. The finished product turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! We watched the fireworks together, but like I always say in my corniest voice "everyday I see fireworks with him". 

I had a great night, and it helped me to remember how lucky I am and that I need to take more time to smell the roses. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful fourth!

QOTD: What did you do to celebrate?


  1. My sweet Ros girl,
    Looooove that you made cake pops! I need to experiment with them too. I made oreo balls (kind of similar) last week that were to die for! For the 4th I celebrated it on the 3rd in Skiatook with my family, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and Garrett! We grilled out, play dominos and shot off a few fireworks. On the actual 4th we lounged, made a 5 start dinner topped off with homemade chocolate mousse and homemade whipped cream (A million times better than coolwhip), then headed off to stillwater to prep myself for some doctor shadowing! I get to stand in on my first C section tomorrow! I'm so excited!! Pediatrics is where I know I want to be. Well enough about me and my crazy summer. Miss you lots! If you have time in your busy schedule for cute craft projects swing by my blog www.thecraftingqueen.blogspot.com Oh and I also redid my WHOLE room in Tulsa. I'll send you some pictures or post them on my blog!

    Love you lots!!!

  2. I just posted about what how I celebrated. I love your dress. That is very cute!! It sounds like ya'll had a great 4th and a great anniversary!! I have made oreo balls before, and I know how to make cake balls, but I have never tried cake balls. I might have to try those sometime soon! It looks like you had an amazing 4th of July though! Oh hey, I need your address to send you a medal from my virtual 5K. I have one made for you, but I do not have the address. :0)

  3. Court: I will def look at your blog more! I thought you stopped posting because your posts don't show up in my google reader dashboard thing anymore :( I'm so excited that you're having such a great summer and doing what you love! I miss you tons! You need to come play!

    Kayla: Thanks! It's a target dress, so really cheap too :) I sent you an email with my address because I can't wait to see the medal!