Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weary Wednesday

This weeks been crazy so far, but I'm proud to say that I've been making good choices! I've committed to eating healthier, and while I didn't follow every rule from my list, I did try. One of the commenters, Lucy from Run Chunky Run, said that I should focus on one rule at a time, and hopefully it will snowball into a healthy eating lifestyle. I tried following them all, but used her advice and picked one to really focus on this week. I chose drinking enough water, because I've been really dehydrated lately and I noticed that I'm less hungry when I drink enough. I'm proud to say that I've been drinking water like crazy and it has helped with my eating as well. In addition, I followed Janae's (from the Hunger Runner Girl) advice and tracked my food on and it's helped me pay more attention to what I eat as well. 

In addition to the changes in my eating, I've also been working out more. I decided my new workout plan would be to run 3 days a week (tues, thurs, and sat) as usual and also do 30 day shred 5 days a week (mon-fri). I've never done strength training before. EVER. The 30 day shred DVD is a workout dvd by Jillian Michaels that mixes cardio, strength, and abs for a grueling 30 minute workout sure to leave you crying for your momma. I've only done it for a couple of days and I'm sore everywhere, but in a wonderful can't beat a killer workout kind of way. I'll do a full review after I make it through a few weeks of the video (if I can make it!) but trust me, she kicks your booty. 

We know Jillian, we know. 

Anyways, through the adventures of kicking my rear end into shape I've had a couple of embarrassing stories to share the last few days. I'm a klutz and prone to putting myself in really awkward situations on top of that, so I have these kind of moments on pretty much a daily basis. My boyfriend claims it's one of the main reasons he loves me so much, because I'm kind of a mess, but in a way you "have to love". (Thanks  bf!)  I realized that I've never shared some of these only-i-could-do-that moments with you guys and thought I'd give you a couple from the last few days: 
  • It's been humid and ridiculously hot, so last night my asthma was in bad shape at the gym. I felt okay, but my wheezing was a little more out of control than I thought. Not one, but THREE employees at the gym I run at came up to me (separately) to ask me if I was ok. Apparently I sound like I'm dying when it's humid out. Our conversations were like this: Them: "Um, ma'am are you ok??" Me: "Yup." Them: "Are you sure?! You sound kinda..." Me: "Yea, I do that sometimes. Asthma + weather= no fun" Them: "Well maybe you should take the rest of the day off" Me: "I'm ok" and then I put my headphones in while they walk away looking terrified that they're about to get sued for watching me die in their gym. Way to kill my groove Gold's Gym. 
  • This morning I went to work to teach swim lessons with super sore/stiff quads and was doing the post-lunges waddle. My five-year-old student asked if I had hip problems because I "walk like [his] Nana". Awesome. 
So next time you feel like a weakling at the gym or doing some strength training, just remember that there is someone out there being made fun of by a five year old and smile. :P
I'm off for another fun-filled session of torture with Jill! 
QOTD: Are you prone to embarrassing moments like me? If not, tell me your secrets!!

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