Friday, August 26, 2011


At the end of this summer I was stressed to the max, crunched for time, and even injured. Needless to say, my motivation to run has been at an all-time low. However, I've been on a mission to change that lately and I found a new trick: running partners!

I know everyone has suggested this before, and trust me I looked for someone to run with EVERYWHERE. There are no legit running clubs or events in the area to meet people or even relatively safe trails. None of my friends are into running and a few (like my BF) can't because of knee problems. My best friend broke her back, so I couldn't even drag her with me unless I want her turn into the hunchback of Stillwater,Oklahoma.

My mom has always been the one to run races with me, and it is always fun running with her. However we don't live close, so our running partnership is limited to races I force her to run. (It's awesome being my friend/relative.)
Our hail/rain-filled half marathon
But a week ago I had an epiphany: I have a sister! My poor munchkin....

This is her first semester in college (and my last!) so she's finally close enough for me to kidnap and drag to a treadmill so that I can wheeze my way through a semi-tolerable run. AND she doesn't really believe me that I'm actually forcing her to do this, but she's running the warrior dash with me in a month! I imagine it will go something like this:

Or not...

Do you kidnap/torture friends with your running stuff? Frequently. 

Have you ever done a warrior dash? If so, how bad is Munchkin going to hate me after? No, but I'm pumped to try one out and I'm hoping she will at least talk to me after. 


  1. I have not done a warrior dash race particullary, but I did the WW111.5 mud run close to me. It is just like the warrior dash, but different obstacles! I have heard though that it is a lot of fun. The mud run that I did in May (recap on my blog) I am doing again in November! I am so pumped for this race!

  2. Best friend!!

    What is a warrior dash? I decided to try and pick running up again in small increments to ease my back into the idea of running again. I want to do a warrior dash with you!! I ran a mile today so that's a start!

    Hopefully I really won't turn into the hunchback of stillwater. That would be tragic!

  3. Kayla- I read that report on your blog and it sounded like a blast! I'm so pumped it's not even funny!

    Courtney- Check out it's legit! I'm super pumped that you are running again!