Thursday, August 18, 2011

Theres no place like the blogosphere

Blog world, I missed you!

I am so sorry I've been gone so long, but I have been incredibly busy and with nothing very exciting or running-related to share. However, I'm back and ready to blog like a mad woman. Here's what you missed while I was gone:

1) I had my last day at work, so hopefully I will kiss my crazy lifeguard tan lines goodbye. This was my last summer of "kid jobs", so I may miss that, but not the craziness of the patrons that visit our pool. On my last week we had to call the police. Twice. And I had to save a child still in diapers because her mom decided she was old enough to not need supervision near the dive well. We keep it classy in Oklahoma.

2) Speaking of Oklahoma, we've had a lot of fires and a lot of smoke. I've spent the last two weeks sick and hacking up forest fire smoke. Yuck.

3) I moved. A lot. I moved out of my parents house for good, helped them load our giant house into a moving van and then unload and unpack into a smaller house,and also moved my stuff completely into my new apartment. Whew! Great workout though!

4) I tried decorating. I fail at life when it comes to all the "girly" skills like decorating, dressing like I'm not a hobo, and cooking (with the exception of high calorie desserts and Mac n cheese). So I stole ideas off of my friends blogs to help out.

I stole this bib display idea from one crazy penguin.

And a wall art idea from my real-life BFF court at the crafting queen.

5) Champ moved in. My puppy champ lived with his dad, my bf cam, but now I'm back to school and were going to be in different towns this semester. So Champ will be living with me. It'll definitely be an adjustment, but I'm so happy to have him here, especially since his dad won't be all here time :(

6) I got nominated for the amazing blogger award by Kayla over at Running through Life! Woohoo! I'll do that post soon!

What have you been up to lately?
Boring stuff as you can tell.

Are you any good at "girly" skills? If so what's your best "girly" talent?
Like I said, I'm pretty awful, with the exception of desserts. I love to make yummy treats! And unfortunately eat too many of them....


  1. Wow girl, you have been super busy!! That is crazy all the moving and everything you did. Oh and when I worked as a lifeguard for one summer if took me almost 2 years to get rid of my tan lines. haha

  2. Hi - I found you through One Crazy Penguin! I love love love that framing idea for the running bibs - funny that I never saw it on her blog! Now I just need to do enough races to fill one of those puppies up.

  3. Kayla-I know! I've been doing it for like 7 years (holy cow I feel old) off and on and I never lose the tan lines year round! haha

    Morgan- Thanks Morgan! I loved it too when I saw it and decided it needed to happen asap. I filled mine only because I used the ones I printed off for my virtual races too haha