Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School Virtual 5k Report

This labor day weekend, something amazing happened!

The temperature dropped 30 degrees for no apparent reason. We've had an entire of summer of non-stop 105+ temps and finally, out of nowhere, the weather decided to play nice and come down to a nice 85 degrees for the next few days. Heaven!

To celebrate, I decided to run Kayla's Back to School Virtual 5k outside for a change. And someone got to go with me for once!

Kayla made some adorable race bibs for the race again, so we started by taking some pre-race pics and getting our game faces on.

We ran the race at a local 5k trail, and it felt so nice to finally be back outside again. It was definitely hard work running with Champ again. He wanted to stop and smell about every 5 minutes and pretty much refused to move until he was done. It was kind of like 5 minutes of running followed by at least 2 minutes of arm strength moves. It was a great workout to be sure. I pressed lap on my garmin every time we started smelling or running, that way I could figure out my non-smelling 5k time and my total time. Champ took a total of 12 minutes to stop and smell the roses on our run, but overall I'm really impressed he behaved so well. He's still very much a puppy and loves to play with anything that moves. It was pretty awesome for my puppy's first 5k!

After the run, we headed home for some relaxation and refueling. One of my favorite foods is Caprese Salad, and lately I can't stop making it! You just mix together some sliced fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vingar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil. Voila! A Super yummy meal!
half-eaten caprese salad

I'm off to do some homework and relaxing. Champ is all ready way ahead of me.

Have you ever run with your dog before? Yes, but usually on 1 mile short runs. I'd love to get to the point where he could run without stopping so much, so he could come with me more!

Do you have a favorite throw-it-all-together recipe? Caprese Salad all the way!

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  1. Awesome job on your run! I love that you put a bib on Champ! It is so adorable!