Friday, September 23, 2011

Warrior dress rehearsal

Warriors need dress rehearsals too! Tomorrow I'm running the Oklahoma Warrior Dash and I'm soooooo excited! I decided early on that I needed to wear something ridiculous, so here's what I came up with:
Camo tutu, black tank (and shorts underneath), camo bandana, and tomorrow I'll have on some eye black of course! I couldn't decide what shoes I wanted to wear at first, but Champ's recent run in with my running shoes, made that decision easy. Half-eaten shoes are definitely mud-run approved!

Now I am meticulously packing my race day gear and determined not to forget anything this time (it would be a first!).

Mud races, like the Warrior Dash, are obviously very different than regular road races so I'm having to pack a little differently. Some things I normally never run without will not be with me because I don't want them to get ruined in the mud, like my garmin and my road id. Other things I don't normally need, are a must, like a change of clothes and a towel. It feels so weird to leave my road id and garmin behind!


What's one running essential you feel naked without? My road id :/

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  1. I love the tutu!! You're going to have so much fun!

  2. I love your outfit! I hope you had a great dash fellow Lilac Tribe member.

  3. LOOOVE the tutu and so glad it was fun as well.

  4. Question...did you make your tutu or buy it?? I love it and a group of girls and I are getting ready to do a Swamp Romp here on MCRD Parris Island in SC (Marine Corps base) and I want us to wear tutus like this. We are going to be called the Muddy Buddies. Any help on the tutu would be amazing. email is

    1. I made it myself. I just followed one of the basic no sew tutorials out there and used a dark green, a light green, and a brown. I doubled up two strips for each knot so it would be really full and i did two knots of each color in a row. It's time consuming but it's not too hard. There are also lots of etsy sellers that have similar ones available if you wanna save some time.