Thursday, September 8, 2011

What a Champ

WARNING! In this post, I reveal I'm a creepy cat-lady except with a dog.

Like I've said before, this semester my puppy moved in with me (he was living with his dad, my bf, before but can't now). It has been a big adjustment taking care of a VERY active, and sometimes trouble-making pup on my own for the first time, but it's also been a blast. My bf is living in another town and going to a different school right now, so I'm on my own most of the week. Since I have no exciting news on the running front (just getting in the miles) I just thought I'd share some of the highlights and crazier moments of living with my new running buddy/roommate.
  • Champ's a wino. After a hard workout he likes to kick back with a nice glass of reisling. (Before you send me hate mail, he's always trying to get to it, but hasn't succeeded yet).
  • He also plays hard. Today I was trying to get a toy from him and he accidentally bit my finger and tore up my nail. My hand slipped at the same time he was trying to get a better grip on his ball. Ouch!

  • He has a big heart. He feels SO bad whenever I'm sad, or he does something he's not supposed to, or I'm hurt and pouts right next to me. This is him immediately after he accidentally bit me. Should have taken a video because you wouldn't believe the whimpering! I wasn't even upset with him!

  • He chews through everything. Toys, my boyfriends favorite pair of sweatpants that I've been hoarding, the floor, his bed, my running shoes, and now fire hoses. While I was doing Thirty Day Shred, he picked up one of my five-pound weights and carried into the other room to chew on. I'm pretty sure there is no toy out there that can withstand the mighty force of Champ.

  • He makes sure I eat "healthy" every day by helping me with my "portion control". Yogurt is his favorite food and he pouts if I don't share. It's definitely to keep my healthy and not because he likes to lick the lid. Definitely. The same goes for popcorn portion control. He's just helping. 

  • He's a great cuddler. Enough said.

PS: I'm a huge fan of Skinny Runner's Cat Lady Blog Posts, so I had to throw this in. If you've got a cute puppy or pet you'd like to show off on my blog, send me an email and I'll put it in a post!

Are you a creepy cat/dog lady too?

What weird things does your pet get into?

If you don't have a pet, what kind would you want?

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