Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spirit of Survival Superhero 5k

This post is super overdue, but I was waiting on race pics so don't hate me!

Saturday, Mom and I drove to Lawton for packet pick-up and to check in to our hotel room. I am VERY lucky that my amazing bf has connections at hotels, because having the room was wonderful. It's so nice not to have to wake up, drive, and feel rushed getting to the race. Plus, it gives my mom and me time to catch up.

The first thing we did after arriving in Lawton was head to the park ,where the race was held, for packet pick-up. We found this race online at the last minute and knew very little about it, so we didn't really know what to expect. From what we heard online we thought there was going to be some sort of expo on Saturday, however packet pick-up was pretty typical with the addition of some race merchandise for sale. (Tip: If you are considering running the race, everything available Saturday is also available Sunday, so it isn't necessary to go Saturday.) We grabbed our packets and checked out the area and finally went to the hotel to check in.

Saturday was a big game day for my school (OSU) and my mom is absolutely freaking insane a little crazy when it comes to football. So, we spent the next few hours in the hotel room screaming at the tv. In case you can't tell, I could care less about football (sorry I'm awful) and so I spent the time reading and checking out the great swag we scored at packet pick-up.

Here's what we got in our packet:
  1. Race bib and timing tag
  2. Tech tee
  3. Pen
  4. Magic towels in a tube
  5. Three water bottles
  6. A bag
  7. Some coupons and flyers
Pretty sweet if you ask me! Once Mom was done ensuring the Cowboys won by rendering me deaf, we went out for a pre-race dinner. Generally we only travel for half marathons, so our normal traveling pre-race tradition is to "carbo-load" (read eat crappy-for-us food in huge quantities) and "hydrate" (read drink some frozen alcoholic beverage). We decided to keep the tradition alive even though it was only a 5k and we had some pasta and cocktails.

The next morning was race day and we woke up and got all dressed up. The theme of the race is all about superheros, so you know I had to dress up. We ended up leaving later than we planned and I was really on edge. I'm always on edge before races for some unknown reason and being late and sick (I had pneumonia!) was enough to make my normal nerves turn into crazy b%#$@ mode. Let's just say, I had some apologizing to do before the race started. I seriously need to work on that. I don't even know why I get so crazy. 

After we got to the race and I realized what a pain I was, Mom and I took some pre-race pics together. Mom and I had some pretty rockin costumes if I do say so myself! I made mine by myself completely from scratch!
My Wonder Woman costume
Batman (mom)  and Wonder Woman near the finish line

I forced her to take this pic, but she makes a great hero!

Soon it was time to line up for the start. I feel like every race I've been to has had something that really stood out to me and this time it was definitely the people. And more specifically the kids! There were people of all ages (Up to 77!) participating in the 5k, but there were so many young kids running. While we were waiting for the race to start we met a 12-year-old running her first ever 5k. I asked her what her plans were and she said, "I don't want to win, I just want to finish. Which is kind of like winning anyways!". So cute!

After chit-chatting with her and her mom, the race started. The half-marathoners started a few minutes ahead of the 5k runners, but we finished and started in the same place so there was some overlap. Mom and I planned on walking the entire race because of my pneumonia, but got caught up in the moment and agreed to run/walk at an easy pace instead. The course had a water stop and was fairly flat. We ran some through the streets of Lawton and then back into park to finish the last half.

Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the course because I was too busy saying "Aw!!!" about every three seconds. Here's the sappy moments that totally made this race:

  • A couple was pushing their toddler in a stroller next to us. At certain points he would say, "me too" and they would let him run a few feet so he could feel included. It was adorable! I love that his parents are already inspiring him to want to participate in healthy activities. 
  • A dad was running with his 6-year-old son. Here's the convo they had:
    • Son: "I wanna run faster!"
    • Dad: "Careful what you wish for buddy! We've got 2 miles ahead of us still"
    • Son: "You know what I wish for Dad? I wish we could run together forever because you're the best dad in the whole world!"
  • Another stroller couple had a stereo attached to their stroller playing music out loud. The dad said he was getting tired and the toddler said, "Dad play Rocky!". Even toddlers know the power of a cheesy song like that one! haha
  • A cancer survivor ,still bald from her chemo, was rounding the corner to finish and her kids were there waiting to run to the finish alongside her. 
There were so many more adorable moments I wish I could remember, but trust me: the cutest kids in Oklahoma must have decided to get together for this race.

Mom and I finished with smiles on our faces. Once we crossed the finish line we were handed a really nice medal.
Crossing the finish

The medal
At the finish line there were some refreshments for the runners, a place to get your time printed out (for the back of your medal), free massages, and stands to cheer for the other runners coming in. Mom and I sat and watched some of the half marathoners for a while and then drove home.

Overall, I loved this event. The atmosphere was great. On top of all the adorable kids, there was also a great attitude from all of the runners. This event clearly had a lot of first-timers and the vibe was all about doing something good for yourself while helping a good cause. The swag was also pretty amazing. The tech tee is super comfy and the medal is awesome. It's actually much bigger than some of my half marathon medals! haha. There was one water stop (that I remember) during the 5k and the volunteers were very friendly and cheered everyone on.

Was there anything I would change? I wish I had run the half. By the time we found out about the race we felt like we didn't have enough time to ramp back up to half marathon distance, which is why we chose to do the 5k. I'm kind of glad because of my pneumonia, however it felt kind of wrong to finish so early when all the half runners were still out there! Also, the race website talked about an expo. The expo was more like a few tables selling shirts. I definitely wouldn't expect more (in fact much less) from a small race, but I thought it was weird that they advertised it differently. 

Would I run it again? Absolutely! Except the half next time!


  1. I love love love your costume as well as your donald costume. It is so cute and you look awesome in it!

  2. I LOVE your recap of the Superhero 5K! I'm the web designer for SOS and I found your blog through Pinterest of all places. Hope you're going to run in the half this year!

    PS I also love all your tips about running with asthma. I'm starting to train for a 10K right now and it's starting to kick my butt with my constant wheezing!

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  8. Love your Wonder Women costume. Where did you purchase the Red Shin Sleeves and how do they measure for sizing.

    1. They are zensah brand you can usually get them from running warehouse and they have sizes based on calf size. The zensah sleeves are wonderful! here's my review for them

  9. How did you make this tutu? It has so much volume, other ones are thin and flat.

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