Monday, May 28, 2012

River Run and Dog Jog 2012

Before I start the race report, I'd just like to say last weekend I was supposed to run a zoo run and the lovely ladies at Tough Girl Tutus sent me an awesome leopard print tutu to review. I'll post a review of it soon, but I got sick and didn't get to race in it yet :( Please go check out their site because the tutu is adorable and great for running!

Ok back to the report: This weekend was the River Run and Dog Jog for New Leash on Life. New Leash on Life is an awesome organization that helps train service and therapy dogs and provide them to those in need. Obviously this is an awesome cause and I was really excited to run the race. There are two options for races, the 5k and the 3k dog jog. The races are at separate times, so I chose to enter both races. My mom ran the 5k with me and my sister walked the dog jog with me. Since the race was on memorial day, you can bet I didn't miss another opportunity to dress up, and we all went as sailors.

Gear all laid out

Monday morning we woke up and headed to Wiley Post Park. The volunteers for this race were phenomenal and I quickly got my race packet and bib and then started to get ready. By the way, the race included tees for the humans and bandanas for the puppies. The first race was the 5k so my awesome sister helped me and my mom get ready while wrangling the dogs for us. Big tip if you've never done a dog run: No matter how well behaved you THINK your dogs are, get to the race extra early. It takes much more time to get everyone ready with a dog. I grabbed a quick pre-race photo and then it was time to head to the start.

My Sailor Memorial Day Running Costume

The Start Line
The race was a simple and flat out and back course (which seems to be the case with all of the OKC 5ks). I was still recovering from being sick, so we took it easy and my mom was a great help to me during the race. I couldn't do all of this running if it weren't for her amazing support. The race was much smaller (in terms of participants) than I thought, but it was really fun. There were lots of volunteers on the course and a few water stops along the way. I will say it again, the volunteers were absolutely phenomenal this race and I'm so glad that there were so many there to encourage the runners. I got quite a few "keep it up sailor!" comments during the race whenever I was starting to feel really sick (yay asthma and colds!) and it helped to spur me along.

Once again I didn't get any pictures during the race, but it was over before too long (thankfully!) and it was time for the dog jog with my sister. The plan for the dog jog was for Ashley, my sister, to carry Buster in a doggy stoller and for me to walk with champ. Before the race we snapped a few photos with everyone in costume.
Buster in his race costume

Me and Champ

My Sister and Buster

All Together
The race started and I think the dog jog was actually bigger than the 5k. Ashley and I had fun chatting while we walked. Maybe if you started in the very front you could actually run this race, but everyone was walking very slow and we didn't have any choice but to walk. We had planned on this, so we were very happy to walk with the boys.

Having never run a dog run before, I was curious to see how Buster would handle drinking out of a cup. Champ has run with me on training runs before and drinks out of cups or water bottles easily but Buster is still learning how to use a leash. The water stops were well manned and there were several along the way. Each water stop has dog tons of dog bowls lined up so we didn't even end up having to worry about Buster. We just took him out of the stroller and let him drink.

It was really hot out so our main concern was just keeping the puppies safe. I think they had a blast and soon we were rounding the corner to the finish line.

Nearing the Finish Line
I didn't really get any good pics of it but not only did my sister get the dogs dressed and ready for the race, she also decorated the stroller with garland and star-shaped balloons. Too cute!

After the race we all tried to cool down and waited for awards. My mom got 2nd in her age group again (go Mom!!) and I forgot my timing chip otherwise I would've gotten second as well (by default of course! haha). She won an gift card to a sports store which will be fun! In addition to our awards for running, there were a few fun contests for the puppies and my boys won best costume. They got a large gift basket full of dog treats.

All in all it was a great day and I'm so glad my puppies had fun!And you better believe they slept like babies on the way home

One sleepy corgi

Monday, May 14, 2012

Body Shop 5k & 10k 2012

As you know, I've really been slacking on the running front lately and thought the best way to get back into it would be to sign up for a bunch of races, so be expecting more race reports coming your way. The first race on my comeback tour was this Saturday. I ran the 5k race at the Body Shop 5k & 10k event. I stumbled into the race online and saw this description:
 Knock out the dents or polish up your speed with us on May 12th from Wheeler Park in Oklahoma City
I though the description was perfect for my first race back after a long running hiatus and immediately signed up.  And since it was my first race back I had to go in costume right?! The race theme was obviously about working out and getting your body back in shape so I decided to wear some 80s workout gear. I threw it all together at the last minute and this is what I came up with:

Definitely not my best costume, but I made it work. haha. I took an oversized neon running tee and cut off the color so that it would be a one-shoulder top. Next I added neon shorts and a side pony. I tried finding leg warmers, but by the time I had the idea for a costume, it was too late and I had to go with compression socks instead. The outfit definitely could've been better but it was still fun. 

Once I got suited up it was time for the race to start. The 5k and the 10k started at the same time, so it was a little crowded on the narrow paths at the very start, but soon everyone spaced themselves out so that it wasn't cramped at all. The course was a simple out-and-back course with different positions marked for the 5k and 10k turnaround. Mom was with me again, and we decided to take it nice and slow. It felt really good to be back out there again, even if our time was slow. 

Now you know it's been a while since I've blogged because I completely forgot to take pictures! The whole race I was just chatting with mom and glad to be running; so much so that I never stopped to grab a quick photo. I'm sorry for the boring photo-less recap and promise to use my camera next time! 

After the finish, there was a little party with beer, hot dogs, and awards. We stuck around for the awards because my mom usually places (by default but shh!). This race we both placed (again not because we are fast, but because our age groups were small) and we got awards for placing in our age groups. I got 2nd in mine and she got 3rd in hers. Anyone receiving an award got a souvenir glass. 

Overall it was a fun race. Here's my race breakdown:
  • Water stops: 1- there may have been more for 10k runners
  • Number of runners: 76 in the 10k, 72 in the half
  • Support: This was a small race so no spectators, but the race production crew was very enthusiastic and supportive. 
  • Atmosphere: All of the runners seemed to be friendly and supportive of one another. However, the runners seemed to be quieter than usual for whatever reason. Maybe the weather change that day?
  • Photographers: There were some stationed at the start/finish line. I hated ALL of mine, but I usually hate the professional ones.
  • Favorite part: Just being back out there felt so great. 
  • Least Favorite part: The bad music. If you're going to play music during a race, it should be upbeat and fun. They just had it tuned to a local radio station which played several slow songs including the theme song to Titanic. Why have it on at all?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I've been a bad blogger. Again. I'm sorry for disappearing on you again. I've been super busy as usual, and a lot of  things have changed for me since my last post. I haven't forgotten about the blog though I promise and now that things are settling down some, I hope to be start posting more regularly.

So what exactly have I been doing while I was away?
Buster, my new corgi puppy

  • I got a "big kid" job. I got my first real full-time salaried job and it feels great to be so much more independent. I    don't want to share too many details, but I'm working with a small software company and it's been hectic and crazy at times, but mostly it's been fun. There are even some runners and athletes at work who encourage me to move more which is nice. 
  • I moved in with Cam. Cameron and I have always practically lived together when we were close by, but never actually moved in together. I didn't think it would be that much of a change, but I quickly learned that practically and actually are very different things haha. It's been challenging at times getting used to the quirks of living with a boy who is my complete opposite in most ways, but it's been amazing and I wouldn't have it any other way now. 
  • I got a new puppy. After moving to a new neighborhood (and town), we didn't have as many friends for Champ to play with. It was really hard on him because he was so used to being around other dogs all the time. Cam and I had talked about getting another dog before, so this seemed like the perfect time. The new puppy's name is Buster and he's a very devious little 9-week-old corgi. 
  • I joined Fitocracy. If you haven't done it, you should. It's a pretty cool site.
  • I got my wisdom teeth removed. Not fun at all. I looked like a chipmunk and felt horrible for a while. I'm back to solid foods now though!
  • I threw my best friend's bridal shower. I mentioned it before, but my best friend is getting married and my maid of honor duties are starting to kick into high gear with the wedding approaching.
  • I didn't run almost at all. That's right, my running has been majorly slacking. I missed it so much, but with all the big changes going on I just wasn't able to keep on the ball with workouts. However,  I'm working on changing that and I've got new plans to make my running more dynamic and workouts more fun. I did a few workouts here and there, but no races and nothing very exciting. 
And that's pretty much the highlights. What have you been up to while I was slacking?