Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lots to Catch Up On

So I wasn't the best blogger last year and there were a lot of races and events I didn't blog about. Rather than spend a few weeks trying to catch up I thought I'd just share the highlights from those races and the little things that went on while I was gone.  Warning: Tons of photos ahead!

First Up was Color Me Rad back in July:

Before the race

Throwing some of the powder

I got a little too into that hat
The race was really fun. One thing to think about asthmatics: The powder they use during the race can be hard on your lungs so try to hold your breath or maybe cover your mouth in the color stations!

Next Up was the Glow Run in Wichita,KS (August):

It was an absolute blast doing this race. They played lots of fun music the entire time. And the medal glows in the dark!!!

After the race Kevin showed me around Wichita (he used to live there). It was really pretty there and I loved the science museum!

In October, I didn't run any races but I did wear a pretty cool halloween costume that I'd wear in a race if I could find one with the right theme!

After that we had the Thanksgiving run:

We *may* have over-acted the speedy runner thing
It was a very windy, but fun race and we got a medal with a turkey on it!!

In November I also did the Wine and Dine which I've already posted about.

Then in December I didn't do any races, but I did have an awesome christmas. Buster wore his finest clothes and Kevin bought me a Christmas tree! If you know how I feel about Christmas, you know this was probably one of the best presents EVER!

Then this new year's day we ran a freezing cold 5k:
Still debating if freezing my booty off was worth the medal. haha.

And now Kevin and I have quite the collection of medals stacking up:

PS: Whoever thought of storing medals on a curtain rod was genius! Thank you pinterest!

What was your year like while I was gone?


  1. Love it!!!! You are my idol when it comes to wearing costumes while you run! You look like you always have so much fun. Where do you buy all your tutus, or do you make all of them? I've made mine, but they don't look as cute as yours!

    1. Aw thanks morgan! sometimes i make them if i can't find the right color sometimes I buy them. I love tough girl tutus but they have a limited selection. Next favorite brand is legs avenue.

  2. I'm running Color Me Rad in March. Your costume inspires!

  3. Do you plan on doing another virtual 5k again soon?

    1. I'm not sure. My blog was a lot smaller last time, so making medals and mailing them could get pricey. Maybe a smaller virtual race though!

    2. I didn't even realize you made medals and sent them out! I'd do it even without getting a medal.

    3. I'd happily be part of a virtual 5K! You're such an inspiration, Ros. If I'm ever feeling lazy and don't want to drag myself (and my asthmatic lungs) outside to run, reading your blog always helps.

  4. Hey glad your back just wanted to say it feels good to know there's someone my age out there suffering through the sme crap I deal with every day. Your site motivated me to keep going a few more minutes or a few more meters than I might have a few months back. Being a dude 6 feet and >200 there's lots of gravity working against me on top of the torn tendons and broken bones I suffered when I was younger, but the fd up lungs is easily the biggest pain in the ass. Can't wait til summer again so I can start workin out outside again (it's permanently frozen where I live 5 months a year running outside is not an option especially for an asthmatic). Anyway keep huffing and wheezing and ill try and keep up with ya :) sorry for the grammar mistakes its not easy to type on an ipad

  5. I just want to say that you're awesome, and your blog is a real inspiration for asthamtics like me that are getting into running. It's very encouraging. Keep letting your light shine!

  6. Did the color run can problems with your asthma? I pre-registered for a color-run in September but after seeing pictures with clouds of color I'm kinda worried lol.

    1. at my race the clouds of color were only in certain stations. so i tried to cover my mouth in those areas and didn't have any big issues.

  7. Thanks, I'll try that - looks too fun to miss