Saturday, May 17, 2014

long time no see!

I've missed you guys! Sorry it's been so long. My little girl is officially over 6 months old now (wow time flies) and I think I'm actually ready to get back into the world of running again. I thought I was before but hah! lol

*If you don't want to hear about breastfeeding woes, skip this part and know that it says blah blah blah excuse blah blah want to get back out there lol*

I tried running a few times while I was away from the blog but it always ended badly. I couldn't take my allergy meds (still breastfeeding and it decreases your supply) so my asthma hasn't been cooperating. However, my girl is now 6 months old and I'm so proud we made it this long while breastfeeding. I was planning on going a full year (and still hope to), but things have been tricky. I've always had issues with supply and had to supplement with formula from the start (drs orders) but I tried everything to increase my supply. It just never happened. Then I found out my little one has reflux and we started to realize that she does so much better with formula. I know that's not true for most people and I seriously DO recommend you breastfeed if you can, but for us it's always been a struggle because breast milk makes my little one sick. Anyways, long story short, I'm starting back up my allergy medicines now. I've come to the conclusion that running and being a healthy (both emotionally and physically) mom is way more important to my little girls overall health than maybe an extra ounce of breast milk a day. I will still keep breastfeeding and hope to make it to the year mark, but I've finally decided to allow myself to be ok with taking care of myself too.

*okay we're done now!*

The point is, I'm really ready to commit to being healthy again and I'd love all the support I can get! Once Audrey is 8 months old (on July 4th), I'm allowed to start running with her. In order to ramp up to running I will be walking at least one mile every day (and hopefully more some days( until that day and I plan to do a 5k on the 4th of July as well. If you are trying to start up exercising again, or maybe doing it for the first time, send me an email and we can harass each other into actually sticking to our goals! Who's with me? Please, PLEASE don't be shy. Let's actually do this!

I really will try to post more I pinky swear! I had no idea how incredibly time consuming having a little baby at home and working with an hour commute each way would be! Eek! Speaking of my little girl, here's some obligatory cute baby (and daddy) pics!


  1. I'm so happy to read your posts again! Your blog inspired me to start running, and to fight my asthma. ;-) I have started in August 2013 and finished my first race this March. My doctor was skeptic at the beginning, but she changed her mind. Now I train for my first 10K race (night run). :-)
    Thank you for being so inspiring :-D

    1. Aw I'm so excited for you! Your comment completely made my day!! Good luck at your 10k. Higher mileage is addicting and night races are so much fun!!

    2. It was awesome! And you're so right saying that higher mileage is addicting. After several 5 and 10K races, I've started training for my first half-marathon: Prague Half Marathon in March 2015 :-)
      Love to read your posts!


  2. Wow, your daughter is adorable! I'm in a similar situation as you. No baby, but we've been planning a wedding and moving and etc etc etc, no time for running. After we get married (early June) and our life settles down, I need to get back to running. And I'll pretty much be starting at zero. Yay dedicated asthmatic runners! I'm writing you an email. Let's nag each other!

  3. I am excited you are back. I usually run 5K's and I have done a few mud runs here and there and my most recent was a 10K, but your blog has inspired me to do a half marathon. I signed up for the Long Beach Half Marathon in October and I am starting to look for a training program because it's starting to get close to training time. Anyway, good luck on getting back. By the way, your baby is so adorable.

  4. I'm excited for your return to running. I recently found out I'm not allowed to run anymore and thankfully it's not because of my asthma. I had ankle surgery 5 years ago to fix ankle instability but about a month and a half ago now I ruptured the ligaments because running is so high impact. I had an MRI last week and I see the doctor Tuesday but I'm having surgery again and no more running for me. Bike riding it is!

    Your daughter is adorable!