Thursday, March 26, 2015

Embracing The New Me

When I started life's a wheeze things were very different. I was different. Back then I was starting to get into running, dead set on actually achieving my goal to run my first half marathon, and really frustrated that there wasn't more information out there about running for people like me, people with asthma. I had tons and tons of free time (although I didn't know it then) and my biggest struggles were designing the perfect running tutu costume. I was living on my own, didn't have a strict schedule, and my life revolved around my love of running. Above anything else I was a runner, Running always came first.

I started this blog based on those things. I wanted to provide more information (and hopefully inspiration) to other asthmatics. I wanted accountability to keep me pursuing my goals. And honestly I just loved sharing and creating a discussion about my passion for running and running events. As I grew more confident as a runner and finished more races, I became more and more attached to the blog and I met a lot of amazing people through it.

When I got pregnant, I naively assumed everything would stay the same. I thought I would have to take things slower, maybe back off of distance events until Audrey was here, but I'd continue with running and my blog just the way things were. There are moms that do that right? Soon after I found out I was pregnant (I found out late into my pregnancy - 15 weeks) I learned of some complications I had and was told not to put any stress on my body. I could walk but I wasn't allowed to lift more than 15 lbs and definitely no running. That was a major blow. Later some restrictions were removed but I was never really able to run.

When Audrey was born I chose to breastfeed as doctors encourage all mothers to do. I knew it would be hard, but I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to take any of my allergy medications as a result (not true for everyone, but it was for me).  I struggled hard to run even a mile here or there without having a major asthma attack. I'm just now getting to the point where I can run again (no more breastfeeding hallelujah) and it's like starting over completely new, maybe even harder. My lungs aren't conditioned, my muscles aren't strong, my joints are loose, and oh yea, finding free time as a mom is crazy hard.

Now, who I am as a person and my priorities in life are so completely changed from who I was when I first started this blog. Above anything else, I am a mother and a wife. Kevin and Audrey are my entire world and running will always come second to my family. Instead of picking out what costume to wear at my next race, I'm endlessly playing games of hide n go seek or coming up with some fun new learning activities. Instead of paying for several 5k races a month, I'm buying diapers and miniature socks that will only be lost under the couch in a few hours time. The Sara that started this blog would never believe it, but I absolutely love every second of my new life. I'm lucky beyond belief.

But what does that mean for the blog? I've missed life's a wheeze so much. I've missed running SOOO much. I kept wanting to post, but I never could run and felt like I couldn't post without any running stories to share. I really want that to change. I still hope to be a runner, I have plans for races coming up now that I'm more capable. However the blog can't be just about running anymore when the reality is, that's just not the biggest part of my life anymore. I will still post about making healthy choices, running, and you better believe family running costumes will be in the future. But I also want to be able to talk about my other passion in life: my family and being a mom. I'm always evolving as a person and I've learned that the blog needs to as well.

Anyways, I've missed you all tons and if you're still interested in hearing what antics my family and I get up to, I hope you stick around. I see big adventures in my future and I can't wait to share them here with you.

QOTD: So, what posts would you like to see coming your way? If there's any topic you are interested in, please leave a comment. I'll be listening!


  1. Hey girl!!! So glad to have you've been missed, too! :D Hope all is well with you!

  2. Even though it's primarily been a running blog - I think branching off into parenting/life posts would really allow the reader to get to know you better outside of your running passion. I primarily blog about fitness but have branched out over the past year or so to include life posts etc and I've had a great response - so I would suggest write whatever your feel comfortable with the most at that moment! Some days I'm all about running and goals but the next day I'm inclined to share some parenting thoughts. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  3. I think it is great that you are letting your blog reflect where you are in the whole life journey. It is all interlocked :) Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  4. Any posts would be welcome! That is one sweet little cutie you have there. And they do take up that priority space and most of your time it is true!

  5. Love. This. Post. A blog is just here to tell your story...and what a gerat direction your story has taken :)

  6. I think it's good to branch out the blog as your life has done the same. You do you and all that : p

    I really wanted to comment because I read through your entire blog in the past 3 days ::^_^:: and it's really inspired me. As another girl with exercise-induced asthma, not being able to do "normal" activities can be really depressing. I finally began a fitness class a few months ago and it was going great... until the instructor added in running outside. Despite being over 200 pounds, I was keeping up in the class, then once running came in, I found myself way behind the pack, with 65 year olds practically lapping me.

    I finally decided to research running with asthma and am so glad I found your blog. You really put into words the frustrations I've felt, when your muscles can do more, but your lungs can't. Thank you so much for giving asthmatic runners a voice and motivating me to keep going. Today my sister and I walked our own little 5k. It took us a little over an hour, but we were proud just to do it. I hope to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon eventually and I never would have thought that possible without Life’s a Wheeze.

    1. Tracy I'm so glad to hear I could inspire you! You can totally do this, you just can't beat yourself up about your speed. The important thing is finishing, and speed can come later. If you need any advice you can always email me (! And speaking of princess half, I'm hoping to do it in 2016 so maybe I can see you there!

  7. Hello! I'm new here (found you via pinterest) and am looking forward to following along on your adventures! Asthma is the pits -- and it's great to read about someone in the same boat. :-| I *love* your costumes, and hope to see you at a RunDisney race someday! :-) Also, your little one is adorable!

  8. My daughters and I are running the Goofy challenge at DW next week and I found this blog looking for Donald costumes for us. What fun this blog is! I'd like to mention too that I also run with asthma; while the asthma keeps me relatively slow, running has improved my breathing! I run an average of 3 marathons and 3 half marathons a year, and use my inhaler generally before I start a run. Cold triggers the asthma most, but hot temps drain my energy the most and sometimes steal my air so I prefer cool weather. Just saying that, yes, you are so right, running with asthma is possible if you train for it and don't mind getting passed :o)


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